Sample Items

Click here to download electronic braille cards that can be embossed and used with ELA items, in grades 3 and 4, that can not be read aloud.

Use the “Actions” dropdown in the table below to start the full set of sample items.

Assessment Actions
ELA G3 Sample Items
Math G3 Sample Items
ELA G4 Sample Items
Math G4 Sample Items
ELA G5 Sample Items
Math G5 Sample Items
Science Gr 5 Sample Items
ELA G6 Sample Items
Math G6 Sample Items
ELA G7 Sample Items
Math G7 Sample Items
ELA G8 Sample Items
Math G8 Sample Items
Science Gr 8 Sample Items
ELA High School Sample Items
Math High School Sample Items
Science High School Sample Items

Teacher Guides Download

The Sample Items Teacher Guides can help teachers use a subset of the current sample items as a formative assessment tool, allowing teachers to understand what the student may be able to know and do based on these items, and how teachers can respond to this information through instruction. All documents needed to use this tool can be found in the links below.

The full set of sample items can be used to practice and become familiar with item types, accessibility features, accommodations, and the online platform. The full set of sample items can be accessed using the "Actions" drop down menu for the respective grade and content.