MSAA Testing System Operational Checklist

This checklist will help you identify the technical resources that are required to take an online assessment using the MSAA System. Please make sure that you are familiar with and understand these technical requirements. We recommend that all of these items be completed several days before the exam is to be delivered. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the help desk at 866-834-8879 or email E-mail: for more assistance.


Desktop computers, laptops, tablets and other devices can be used to administer the assessment. The devices listed below, are supported when used with the browsers listed in the Browser section below.

  1. iPad Mini
  2. iPad 2
  3. Windows Surface
  4. Chromebook
  5. Operating System

    The supported operating systems for each device are listed below. Use the latest version of the supported browsers to access the assessment successfully.

    Windows ComputerWindows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
    Mac (Apple OS X) Computer10.7 (Lion), - 10.11 (El Capitan)
    iPad MiniiOS 8.4
    iPad 2iOS 9.3.4
    Windows SurfaceWindows RT 8.1
    ChromebookChrome OS 49.2623.95


    You will access the test and test materials using a browser installed on your laptop, computer or tablet. It is important that you have the latest version of at least one of the browsers listed below for the smoothest administration of the Test.

    If you don’t know what browser you are using and which version it is, go to the Google site and it will automatically provide that information. You can also upgrade your browser to the latest version from this page for free. If you experience problems with loading the assessment, log out, then log in with a different browser. Below are the supported browser versions.

    BrowserVersionTo Install
    Chrome26 and above
    Firefox24 and above
    Internet Explorer & EdgeIE11 and aboveAlready installed on all Windows computers

    Browser Settings

    There are only two additional requirements for the browser to administer the MSAA Assessment:

    • The browser must support cookies.
    • The browser must have javascript enabled.

    Browser Skills

    No special skills are required besides starting the browser, quitting the browser, and navigating using a URL, and the previous and next buttons of the browser.

    Browser Plug-ins

    In addition to accessing the assessment over the web, you will be required to access one or more PDF documents to administer the assessment.

    • Download PDF documents. Each assessment has a student paper version and instructor materials that are both in PDF format. These files are typically printed and then used concurrently with assessment delivery.
      • Ensure you can download a PDF file
      • Print it to a local printer.
    • PDF Reader. Check to see if you are able to read PDF documents, by opening this sample PDF: Sample_PDF.pdf. If you are unable to read it, you can download Adobe Reader:

    Word Processing Program

    No Office software is required.


    No special bandwidth considerations are required, except that the system must be connected to the internet for the duration of the assessment.


    No webcams are required to take the assessment, but is an option to produce an image as evidence for some items.

    Assistive Technology

    The MSAA System supports a variety of assistive technology (AT) devices. In general, the following assistive technology types are expected to be compatible with the MSAA system*:

    1. Text-to-speech
      The MSAA System supports text-to-speech devices. The text-to-speech devices should be tested with the sample items prior to administering the test to students.
    2. Alternate keyboards
      In general, alternate keyboards should be compatible as a basic USB keyboard. The keyboards should be tested with the sample items prior to administering the test to students.
    3. Switch-based navigation and answer selection
      Switch-based navigation systems have been tested and should be compatible with the MSAA System. Please test the device using the sample items prior to administering the test to students.
    4. Eye-gaze
      We anticipate eye-gaze devices to be compatible with the system and have tested some devices to assure compatibility.

    * Refreshable Braille display is not supported by the MSAA Online Assessment System.

    Help and Support

    Please contact the MSAA Service Center at:

    MSAA Service Center Information

    Phone:  866-834-8879



    Multi-State Alternate Assessment at is the home for all MSAA administration information. The MSAA Test Administration Manual (TAM), student sample items, rosters, the MSAA System User Guides, and Directions for Test Administration (DTA) are available in the System. Please consult the User Guides, or visit the MSAA Online Test Administration Training.