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MSAA Test Administration Technical Support

Multi-State Alternate Assessment at is the home for all MSAA administration information. The MSAA Test Administration Manual (TAM), student sample items, rosters, the MSAA System User Guides, and Directions for Test Administration (DTA) are available in the System. Please consult the User Guides, or visit the MSAA Online Test Administration Training.


The MSAA Service Center is available to Test Administrators and Test Coordinators to provide support in the following situations:

1.         MSAA System is down or unavailable

2.         User accounts are not available or users are not able to administer tests

3.         Student information is incorrect or missing


When contacting the Service Center, please provide as much detail as possible about issues encountered and the system on which it occurred. Include the following:

1.         Any error messages that appeared

2.         Operating system and browser information

3.         Information about network configuration


MSAA Service Center Contact Information

Phone:  1-866-834-8879



Help Desk Availability

The MSAA Service Center is open M-F from 8AM to 5PM EST, with extended hours during administration.